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Center Valley Tavern Halloween Party 09



Walter's Wedding



Clark Wedding




Spring Ridge Apartments Summer Fling



Szep Wedding



Bauer Wedding



Angel's Farewell At The CVT



Reduzzi Wedding




Michael & Stacy Pucci Wedding



Our Blizzard Wedding



Center Valley Tavern's Last Hoorah!!



The Bottom Line Christmas Party



DB Concepts Christmas Party



Muhlenberg Women's Rubgy Formal


Gary's 50 th. Birthday Party



Center Valley Tavern Halloween Bash



Foulkers Halloween Bash



Debbies 40 th. Birthday Party



Nikki Derr's 13th. Birthday Party



Roger & Cathy 10/11/2008



Michelle & Aubrey's 16th. Birthday Party



Leather Corner Post 9-26-2008



Erbrick Wedding



Macungie Pig Roast Hurricane Party



Tyler Silverstein's Bar Mitzvah



Snyder Wedding



Rick & Nicole's Picnic



Mercantile Club 7/19/2008



Sharon & Troy Kidd Wedding Reception



Kenny & Shirley Shantz 50th. Wedding Anniversery



Jennifer & Ronald Duch Wedding



Spring Ridge Summer Fling



Jenn & Keith Wedding



Watkin's Wedding



Center Valley Tavern 5/3/2008



Leather Corner Post 5/2/2008



Woodlawn Fire Company 4/18/2008



Homeslate Bar & Grill 4/12/2008



Catholic War Vets 4/11/2008



Mike & Jean's 50th. Wedding Anniversary



Leather Corner Post 4/4/2008



Macungie Fire Company "Carrie's B-day Party"




Vera Cruz Fire Company Banquet




Leather Corner Post 3/28/2008




Mercantile Club 3/15/2008



Dennis & Dave's 50th. B-day Party



Leather Corner Post 3/8/2008



Center Valley Tavern 3/1/08



Home Slate Bar & Grill "Vicki's Cake In The Face B-Day Party"



Center Valley Tavern Groundhog's Day Bash



Macungie Fire Company 1/25/2008



Mercantile Club 1/19/2008



Leather Corner Post 1/18/2008



Sherri's B-Day Party & Past CWV Pic's



Center Valley Tavern 1-5-08



Center Valley Tavern X-Mas Party



Click Here for Leather Corner Post 1-4-08



Click Here For Woodlawn's New Years Eve Bash




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