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Oval Callout: Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts!  You worked wonders at our wedding last night.  People enjoyed themselves so much thanks to your DJ skills.  You really made us feel relaxed and relieved when we got to the reception hall.  Everyone heard songs they loved, ones they haven't heard in years, and some that brought memories back to us.  It was definately a night we will remember for the rest of our lives.  I can't thank you enough!!!





Mr. & Mrs. David A. Berk


    Oval Callout:  
Thanks so much for the great time Saturday night at our dance.  Everyone had so much fun and is asking when we will do this again.  After the expenses of the hall, the food and the music, we raised over 1,200.00 for our next trip to Biloxi for Disaster Relief!  Thanks so much and we hope to be able to book you again for our events.






          Lori (Jordan Church)


Oval Callout:  
Thank you for the wonderful entertainment and for your patience with our photographer.  You two were great!  We will highly recommend you to our friends!
Oval Callout:  
Thank you so much for bringing the fun to my party!  It wouldn't have turned out as good as it did without you!  Thank you OH so much!










Bobbie & Sterling Leymeister









Sarah Werner